Ceramic Pocket Knife: Getting the Job Done Safely

A Slice 10562 Ceramic Pocket Knife clipped to the belt of a worker wearing blue denim jeans and a gray tee shirt.
A ceramic pocket knife is a useful tool that you can easily wear on your belt.

Workplace safety is difficult to achieve when OHS managers and workers don't see eye-to-eye on the use of safer tools, such as ceramic pocket knives. Workers typically want tools that are comfortable and easy to use. Safety managers must minimize injuries and costs. When all is said and done, however, both parties want to get the job done safely.

The Problem, and How to Solve It

Utility knives are one of the leading causes of workplace laceration injuries. Given this, how can a safety manager enforce safer knife use? In short, educate their staff, and then provide them with better, safer tools.

Many workers don’t know that there are safer alternatives to their traditional utility knives, such as Slice® ceramic pocket knives with blades made using engineered ceramics that have been ground to a finger-friendly® cutting edge. Other workers will deliberately circumvent the existing safety features by taping retracting mechanisms open in order to keep the knife blade exposed. Still others will bring their preferred type of knife to the workplace from home, thereby thwarting the best efforts of the safety manager.

Do any of these sound familiar? Now there’s a solution that not only ensures compliance with safety rules, but that also gives your workers a comfortable, easy-to-use utility knife: the Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife.

This unique ceramic blade pocket knife has an ergonomically designed handle housing engineered-ceramic safety blades that Slice manufactures using a patent-pending, double-angle grinding process. This proprietary grinding process produces a finger-friendly cutting edge that is safe to touch with a bare hand. It is the only true safety blade on the market today.

A Worker’s Perspective: Form, Function and Fit

Workers who rely on knives to do their tasks favor cutting tools that offer a comfortable grip and a familiar feel. If a knife doesn’t fit and feel good in their hands, they won’t use it. Many conventional knives are designed primarily for cutting and slicing, with little regard for ergonomics or safety.

Auto-retracting safety knives are a common safety requirement in the workplace. Some workers avoid compliance by taping their knives open to make their job easier (but, unfortunately, more dangerous). As a safety manager, it's alarming to see one of your workers carrying such a modified, unsafe knife!

Many workers like to use larger folding knives, as opposed to pocket-sized safety knives, thinking that a larger blade will do a better job. They often bring their hunting knives into the workplace for this reason. These folding buck knives pose a greater safety risk compared to a similarly-designed pocketable safety knife. Their larger handle and blade can make them unwieldy and dangerous in the limited confines of a workspace.

No matter how much safer they are, a worker will not use even the best ceramic pocket knife if it isn’t designed to fit the way they prefer to use a knife. The Slice 10562 has the form, fit, and function your workers prefer.

Qualities of a Good Ceramic Pocket Knife

Now that you understand what’s getting in the way of your workers complying with workplace knife regulations, how can you select the best ceramic pocket knife for your workers? A couple of things usually come to mind when considering safety knives in general:

  • Is the safety knife ergonomically designed?
  • How durable is the blade?
  • Can the knife be used ambidextrously?
  • Is the design sturdy enough to withstand daily use?

Ergonomics and Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

In response to feedback from safety professionals from around the world, Slice devised an innovative solution in the form of a ceramic folding pocket knife design that prioritizes both user ergonomics and management safety concerns.

As the industry's first finger-friendly folding utility knife, the 10562 is a truly safe tool that workers will actually use as intended.

This knife meets workers’ ergonomic preferences thanks to its foldable pocket knife design which makes it incredibly easy to carry, pick up, and use. Workplace safety compliance will no longer be an issue, as the design features actually enhance workers' confidence and encourage them to use this ceramic blade folding pocket knife.

The Slice 10562: A Ceramic Pocket Knife in Action

Durability of Ceramic Blade Pocket Knives

As a recent addition to our line of utility knives, the 10562 Folding Utility Knife combines cutting-edge technology (quite literally) with our best-in-class craftsmanship and design principles, to ensure that durability is designed into this Slice ceramic blade pocket knife, right from the start.

The 10562 Folding Utility Knife uses zirconium oxide, which is an advanced, engineered ceramic, to create a thick and durable ceramic blade unlike most ceramic blades, which can be thin and very brittle.

This durable blade is then processed using a patent-pending, double-angle grind, resulting in a finger-friendly blade designed to prevent accidental lacerations. It's so safe, you can touch the blade edge.

Thanks to the unique combination of engineered ceramic material and the proprietary grinding process used to put an edge on the blade, Slice safety blades are superior in wear resistance when compared to conventional metal blades, lasting up to 11 times longer than standard steel blades. Furthermore, the advanced ceramic material in these blades will not rust.

Equality for All

We believe that everyone should be able to use utility knives in the most convenient and safest way possible. That's why we've designed the 10562 Folding Utility Knife to be used ambidextrously, so both right- and left-handed users can experience the same comfort and grip that only the Slice Folding Utility Knife can offer. A secure yet comfortable finger loop is built into the center of the knife, which makes for a firmer grip and less slippage during cutting tasks.

Stands Up to the Rigors of Daily Use

The design of the Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife makes it very stable in your hand, while also making it sturdy enough to be used every day. The unique Slice safety blade is encased within a sturdy metal housing that resists damage from being dropped or knocked against hard surfaces.

Our Folding Utility Knife could be the best ceramic pocket knife to meet your organization's safety needs and to satisfy your workers’ preferences for an ergonomically-designed utility knife that can get the job done. Try the Slice 10562 to see how a ceramic pocket knife can improve workplace safety for your organization.

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