Cutting Copper Foil: It’s Easy With Slice Tools

Many Slice® tools are suitable for cutting copper foil. You can decide which one is best based on your application, the amount of space you have to work in, whether you’re making straight or curved cuts, and the amount of precision required. If your copper foil has an adhesive backing, the amount of pressure you apply will determine whether you cut through the just the foil layer, or both the foil and its backing.

Many projects involve cutting copper foil products, considering the popularity of this material for both home and industrial applications. This unique material isn’t difficult to work with, if you have the right tools.

Slice® makes a wide variety of knives and cutters that work well. Some of these knives have interchangeable blades, allowing you to tailor the blade to your specific cutting task. Our scissors also work well for many applications.

Slice Copper Craft Tools

Slice tools feature our finger-friendly® safety blades, made from 100 percent zirconium oxide. This super-strong material makes them durable, lasting up to 11.2 times longer than traditional metal blades. Our proprietary double-angle grind makes them safe-to-the-touch.

Plus, our blades are non-conductive, which gives you an important added measure of safety when you’re using them to cut copper, which is very conductive. Our unique safety features make Slice copper craft tools the best choice.

The video highlights our diverse selection of tools for working with copper products:

The Craft Knife, Precision Knife, and Ceramic Scalpel all use various Craft Blades. The Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter is also available in a manual version (10513), and both of these pen cutters use our Box Cutter Blades. The older style Precision Cutter, seen in the video, and the Safety Cutter feature micro-ceramic blades, which are non-replaceable. We have an improved version of the Precision Cutter (10416) that features a replaceable precision blade cartridge. Our scissors feature the same finger-friendly blades as our other knives and cutters.

Uses for Copper Foil Products

Now that you know the best tools to use for working with copper foil, let’s take a look at copper foil products, to help you see how Slice tools can make working with this material easier.

Copper Tape

Copper foil tape is used in creating beautiful works of stained glass, various art and craft projects, and EMI/RFI shielding. It is available in various widths on a copper foil roll.

If you are a stained glass hobbyist, or professional, you will find that Slice tools easily cut adhesive-backed copper foil tape into whatever length of strips you need. Depending on the intricacy of your design and the size of your glass pieces, you may find that working with one of our precision cutters gives you the best results.

The malleable nature of the commonly used 7/32-inch copper foil tape makes it very easy to wrap around the edges of intricately shaped pieces of glass, where they can then be soldered with a soldering iron.

Another, rather unusual, application of this unique material is in gardening, where it’s used to keep snails and slugs from devouring plants and causing extensive damage to fruit-bearing trees. This is a common practice in areas where abundant rainfall causes an over-population of slugs and snails.

Just wrap the tape around your flowerpots, flowerbed perimeters, and tree or shrubbery trunks. Slice tools let you cut the copper foil tape to the exact size and shape you need. When these creatures try to cross the copper, they are treated to a mild static shock that repels them.

Copper Sheets

Copper sheeting is used in motor vehicles, medical equipment, architecture, and structural engineering. Available in thicknesses up to 0.254 millimeters (0.010 inches), this material is easily cut by any of our cutters, knives, or scissors.

The versatility of copper foil, including its ability to conduct both heat and electricity, make it a popular industrial material in everything from batteries to solar equipment. Its malleability makes it popular with crafters and artisans. Slice tools make cutting copper foil easier and safer, no matter how it is being used.