Do Slice Blades Require Sharps Box Disposal?

All Slice® tools that have replaceable blades are shipped with rounded-tip blades as an added safety measure. Once you’ve removed these safety blades from the handle, they pose little risk of a laceration or puncture injury through regular handling. With their finger-friendly® edge, you’re unlikely to cut yourself if you accidentally graze one of our safety blades. Therefore, no sharps box disposal is needed for Slice rounded-tip blades.

All of our tools that have replaceable blades are compatible with optional pointed-tip replacement blades. While these blades have the same finger-friendly blade edge as our rounded-tip blades, their tips are pointed and the potential for an accidental puncture is higher. Therefore, we recommend that our pointed-tip blades be disposed of in a sharps box, to prevent accidental puncture injuries to those handling disposal.

Slice blades are recyclable. Look for a local recycling company that handles ceramics. If you can’t find a local facility, please reach out to your local Slice office for assistance.