Slice tools eliminate injuries, reduce product damage, and lower costs

SeaDek Marine Products manufactures marine decking products that are used by a variety of boat manufacturers and boat owners to customize boats.

Jason Gardner, VP Marketing & Advertising, gave us some insight about the impact Slice tools have had on their business. He explained that SeaDek’s products are made from closed cell PE/EVA with an attached acrylic based, high bond pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Scoring this PSA with a razor blade so that the backing can be peeled away for easy installation was previously a source of lacerations to fingers and arms, driving up reportable injuries. There was also frequent damage to products from cuts being made too deeply by the ultra-sharp razors SeaDek used in the past.

According to Gardner, Slice,“has eliminated the occurrence of accidental cutting of fingers and arms. Additionally, the possibility of cutting too far into the product beneath the PSA has been virtually removed with the ability to precisely control the depth of the blade in a consistent and repeatable fashion.”

And how did SeaDek staff respond to a new tool? “It was easy to make the switch to Slice tools,” says Gardner; “our employees accepted them immediately and they were universally adopted.”

I can safely say that [laceration] injuries are a thing of the past…

Gardner also addressed the safety-conscious culture of the marine decking industry. “No matter the size of the boat-manufacturing facility, there are going to be safety protocols in place. Finding safer tools to use makes it easier to keep our employees safer. I can safely say that [laceration] injuries are a thing of the past, at least in the specific case of SeaDek installations where the Slice tool can be applied.”

Gardner noted that the razor knives they had traditionally used were, “bulky, expensive, unsafe, and prone to failure. Slice tools eliminated these problems for SeaDek and our customers.”

  • Eliminated

    Laceration injuries

  • Reduced

    Damage to products

  • Lowered

    Tool costs by switching to Slice