Innovative American Glass Manufacturer Adopts Slice Ceramics in Proactive Safety Program

Bret Skellenger is serious about safety. As the Safety Director at Cardinal Glass' Iowa insulating glass plant, he says, "We're coming up with ideas to eliminate the need for [open steel utility and razor blades] with a safer product." That's what led him to Slice® Box Cutters.

Everybody liked them and they were a lot safer... They work a lot better than our regular blades.

"We loved the products," he tells Slice, "So much so, we ordered a bunch for different areas in the facility. So far the reviews are good." The Slice box cutters have been on the floor for a month, cutting plastic and cardboard. "They work a lot better than our regular blades," Skellenger notes, "everybody liked them and they were a lot safer." So far, his facility has had no injuries. Slice is proud to help Cardinal Glass continue its history of innovation and take care of its employees with state-of-the-art ceramic safety tools.

  • Implemented

    Slice Box Cutters for cutting cardboard and plastic film

  • Eliminated

    injuries in the first month of use

  • Included

    Slice tools as part of a proactive safety program to eliminate open blades

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