How Do I Sharpen and Maintain Slice Blades?

Hand holding a rounded-tip Slice safety blade
Slice blades are sharp enough to cut, yet much safer to touch than traditional blades.

Slice® blades are made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, which allows us to apply our proprietary double-angle grind, making our safety blade edges finger-friendly®. We apply this grind by hand, using a specialized diamond wheel. We discourage users from trying to sharpen our safety blades, even if they happen to have a diamond wheel, as this would destroy the grind and the blade would no longer be finger-friendly.

Our blades last up to 11 times longer than stainless steel blades, so frequent replacement is unnecessary. This eliminates one of the major sources of laceration injuries, which often occur during blade replacement of ultra-sharp traditional blades.

Unlike metal blades—which must be coated with oil to prevent rust and then sometimes cleaned prior to use—Slice blades will never rust. As such, none of our blades are coated with oil; they can be put to use immediately.

Disposal is just as easy. No sharps box is needed for disposal of our rounded-tip blades, which ship with our tools. All metal blades and dangerously sharp ceramic blades require this extra disposal step. We do recommend sharps box disposal for our optional pointed-tip replacement blades, as a precautionary measure against punctures.

If your Slice blade becomes dirty, just about any solution will clean it, as the ceramic material we use is chemically inert and therefore won’t react to chemical cleaners.

Here’s a video we made about cleaning Slice blades:

Read this FAQ for more information on Slice blade storage.